Hermes/ANAN-10 Direct Connection to LapTop

This article is a step-by-step instruction showing how I connected my Hermes/ANAN-10 Amateur SDR Transceiver directly to my laptop PC running cuSDR64 on Ubuntu Linux Precise 12.04 LTS. My objective was to hook my laptop up to Hermes directly with only straight non-crossover RJ-45/CAT6 cable. I also wanted to route the headphones output of Hermes into the Mic input of my laptop such that Hermes audio would appear on the laptop speakers so I didn’t need to carry an external speaker. This was in preparation setting up a demonstration at a local Hamfest.

  1. 1.In order to get the mic input or line in audio supplied by my Hermes SDR to be “monitored” on the laptop’s speakers, I simply loaded a pulse audio module. Look in the top of terminal window below. The command “pactl load-module module-loopback” shown entered with a successful response (24), loads this module causing what appears on the line-in/mic input to be repeated on the laptop’s speakers.   By connecting the Hermes Headphones jack to the mic in jack on the Laptop,  what audio appears from Hermes is heard on the laptop speakers.

If you want the loopback module loaded automatically, this may work:

pactl load-module module-loopback

sudo sh -c ‘ echo “load-module module-loopback” >> /etc/pulse/ ‘

Terminal WindowTerminal Window
  1. 2.

  2.     I used the program HPSDRProgrammer to set a static ip for my Hermes box. A static IP means that the address, once set internally to Hermes remains the same. Hermes will always listen on this static address on it’s Ethernet jack after it is power cycled. I set so as to avoid conflicts with other devices on my local LAN. When the HPSDR programmer starts, click Hermes, and then Hermes Boot Loader. Then click IP Address and fill in your chosen IP (I used 192.168.115) into the four blanks. Don’t include the periods, numbers only. Then click Write. Go for a coffee and then shut down the HPSDRProgrammer application. Then power down Hermes, count to 20, and power it back up. This was the link I used to obtain the HPSDRProgrammer application. A newer version maybe available.

HPSDR ProgrammerHPSDR Programmer

  2. 3.You next must create a new Wired Connection. So open your Network Connections dialog, click Add and fill in a name such as HermesDirect. You can find the Network Connections dialog by typing “net” into DASH.

4. Next in the IPv4, Network Connections dialog tab, select Manual. Click Add, then fill in the Address, Netmask, and Gateway following the example below. Note that the Gateway IP is the same as the IP you set into Hermes using the HPSDRProgrammer. is the IP that your PC will assume after reboot when directly connecting to Hermes. These two IPs must be on the same subnet. So an addresses between through is valid given the Netmask of

  1. 5. Next connect an ordinary CAT5 /RJ-45 cable between your PC’s Network Interface Card and Hermes. A cross over cable is not necessary. Power cycle your PC and then Power Cycle Hermes. Open a terminal window on your PC. In the top right corner of your Ubuntu screen, click on the Networking Dialog symbol. (Up/Down Arrows if connected or a Windshield symbol if not connected or put your cursor in the top right corner, left click, and move left and right until you see network info. When the dialog opens, you may have to check “Enable Networking” If you were successful in setting a static IP in your Hermes, you should be able to “ping” Hermes. Look at the terminal window shown in the lower left for an example of what you should see if a successful TCP/IP connection has been made between PC and Hermes. Cntl-C to stop the “pinging” as illustrated below.

Terminal Window with Ping running.Terminal Window with Ping running.

6. Assuming that the Hermes headphone jack is connected to your PC’s mic in or line in via a stereo cable, and a TCP/IP connection has been made between your PC and Hermes, via an RJ-45/ Cat5 cable, invoke the cuSDR64 binary. Double click or in a terminal enter ./cuSDR64 from the directory where the cuSDR64 binary is located. When the cuSDR64 program window opens, click Start. You should hear a click from a relay internal to Hermes. Shortly the receiver should start operation as illustrated below.


cuSDR64  in Operation.
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